About Us

From a Dream to Reality

1cdde3_82d5d40ef09e480f8026f76972b4fed7Robert Helmes is the President of Skin Kare Industries Inc., Rx Clinical Cosmeceuticals is the product brand.

Rx Clinical is a cosmeuceutical manufacturer of premium skin care products, highly effective chemical peels, microdermabrasion machines, and ultra-sonic skin scrubbers. This is a professional line also selling private label skin care and equipment for all skin conditions.

We provide products that go beyond cosmetic improvement. In fact, the clinical sophistication of our product offers a lifelong solution to skincare challenges at the deepest level, the cellular level to ensure the results your clients demand.

Robert Helmes started his skincare business 20 years ago with the intention of changing peoples’ lives and self esteem. He wanted to bring to the marketplace products that truly performed. He has formulated amazing products that have greatly improved the Skin Care Industry and impacted the awareness level the general public gives to the importance of skin care.